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August 17, 2010 – New York, USA – aleading Software Testing Company – Kualitatem – has offered qualitative and quantitative performance testing to verify the performance of businesses’ software applications.

As a whole, Kualitatem’s performance testing measured the effectiveness of computers, networks or software applications.

“Quantitatively the application is tested for the response time upon certain input and qualitatively it is checked for reliability, scalability and interoperability.” said Kualitatem.

At Kualitatem, performance testing is conducted using multiple tools such as the J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT. A complete performance analysis report will then be compiled based on the results of the performance testing. The report would highlight the performance issues and provide recommendations as per the analysis.

The company uses performance testing parameters to define and analyze the results of an application and these include:

Stress Testing

Stress Testing is also called Load Performance Testing, performed to identify the stability of an application under certain levels of load. During the testing, Kualitatem will attempt to stress the application to the point of failure and to reveal all the weak points in the application.

Recoverability Testing

This Performance Testing checks if the application is self recoverable or not if treated beyond its threshold. This gives a clear aspect if the application is self recoverable and has been catered for any contingency plans.

Endurance Testing

It is also called the Longevity Performance Testing which monitors the application behavior on a constant moderate workload for a long period of time. This helps pinpoint bottlenecks and component limitations.

Spike Testing

This Performance Testing used real-world scenarios but under extremely fast ramp up and ramp down times with peaks up to 100% - 150% in a matter of minutes rather than a gradual increase.

Performance Tuning

This is the system’s ability to adapt to scalability. In the performance testing tuning, modifications are made to the system to make it ready for managing higher loads.

With Kualitatem’s performance testing services, businesses will be able to:
  • Assess the problem and establish numeric values that categorize acceptable behavior.
  • Measure the performance of the system before modification.
  • Identify the part of the system that is critical for improving the performance.
  • Modify the system to remove the bottlenecks.
  • Measure the performance of the system after modifications.
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August 17, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem – a professional software testing company that aims to continually provide standardized and efficient technical software testing and quality assurance support to clients, offered innovative solutions for the software testing process with their test management services.

As a testing outsourcing company, Kualitatem uses a flexible engagement model and multiple testing tools to provide clients with effective solutions for their quality assurance (QA) processes. Some of these tools include the Test Director, Test Link, and the Zephyr.

For the test process management, Kualitatem offered the test management service to provide clients with a quality solution to improve their software system development process. The award winning team from Kualitatem would check the current system from the requirements gathering stage to the deployment of the software, then gave an accurate report on the quality of the system after completing the test management service.

In implementing the test process management service, Kualitatem would use different testing scenarios based on the requirements provided by the client. The test management service would include various parts such as the process definition, test planning, test scenario and test case development, execution, and debugging until the test process reporting.

Kualitatem then offered the test environment management service. Unlike the other services, the test management service is more involved in operating systems, browsers, hardware, software, and networks and tools.

Kualitatem also offers clients their innovative quality management system (QMS) to enable clients to save time and get quick responses on the QA work of the test management service. With the system, clients could communicate with the Kualitatem team in real time and save 40-60% of their time on test planning, bug logging and regression.

With the greatest degree of professionalism and quality, Kualitatem has provided effective solutions to improve their client’s delivery capability. To learn more about Kualitatem’s test management services, please visit
August 17, 2010 – USA – leading Testing Outsourcing Company – Kualitatem – has offered independenttest automation services geared towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses’ software application testing activities.

“We have experienced several clients in distress and frustration when they end up wasting effort and tons of money on test automation and it fails,” said Kualitatem.

“Most of the time, they clearly lack the goals they want to achieve, lack the experience of right tools and strategies. While trying a specific tool they lose focus from core testing outcomes and strength in software development”

Kualitatem’s test automation methodology will help businesses save time and cost while achieving several other benefits. Their Test Automation Services Include:

SCRIPT WRITING – Kualitatem will develop Test Automation Scripts as per their clients’ requirements and needs. For clients who do not have specific development expertise can get the test automation scripts developed and can use them accordingly during an in-house testing process.

SCRIPT EXECUTION – Kualitatem supported their clients with test automation script execution and defect reporting.

Designed for large scale projects which needs test automation script often. Kualitatem promised to work with their clients in their ongoing needs for script maintenance and updates.

Kualitatem’s Test Automation Tools andQA engineers at Kualitatem have strong programming skills in C/C++, Java and scripting languages and have worked on various licensed and open source automation tools. Their set of expertise includes:
  • QTP (Licensed)
  • TestComplete (Licensed)
  • IBM Rational Test Manager (Licensed)
  • Selenium (Open Source)
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About Kualitatem

Kualitatem is a leading Independent Software Testing Company providing quality assurance services across the globe. Their award winning team inspires their clients to outsource their testing needs to a multidimensional and experienced pool of professionals for in depth analysis. Kualitatem provides experience and in-depth knowledge of known problems and dilemmas that nearly all software development agencies face in their QA processes.