September 23, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem the lead provider of quality assurance and software performance testing surpassed manual testing activities from other testing companies by offering true software test automation services.


Kualitatem's test automation services include script writing, script execution as well as script maintenance. All these are geared towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their client's testing activities.


“Where manual testing stops, our team augments through automation testing. Our experience of multiple environments and tools helps to automate the tests while setting up test preconditions and evaluating actual outcomes to predicted outcomes in controlled environment,” says Kualitatem.


Kualitatem’s numerous test automation tools and services also supported companies that needed reliable QA processes and eliminated possible human errors. Moreover, using Kualitatem’s test automation has the following advantages to offer:

High-Speed. Unlike manual testing that consumed a lot of time in both the process of software development as well as during the software application testing, the use of Kualitatem’s test automation tools is a faster alternative.

Reusability. The reusability of the test automation scripts allows the user to reuse the test on different versions of an application even if the user interface has changed.

Reliability. Test automation scripts execution has eliminated the possibility of human error when the same sequence of actions has been frequently repeated. Through test automation, even if the same test automation scripts have been frequently run in repeated manners it has still been able to detect anddetermine defects.

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About Kualitatem


Kualitatem is a leading independent Software Quality Assurance and Testing company that offers its services all around the world. They provide solutions such as Test Process Management (e.g. Test Planning), Test Environment Management (for Operating systems and browsers), Testing services (regression and functional), as well as specialized and consulting services. These automated testing services eradicated client software problems that manual testing could never handle.


September 23, 2010 – New York, USA Independent performance testing company – Kualitatem – has launched dependable test automation tools.


“The success in test automation is highly dependent on the measurable, maintainable and reusable test tools used by the testing company,” said Kualitatem.


Kualitatem automated testing tools is useful to businesses that want efficient and accurate automated testing services


At Kualitatem, effective test automation was made possible withthe help of multiple testing tools. These tools were used by Kualitatem experts or quality assurance engineers who have strong programming skills in C/C++, Java and scripting languages, and have worked on different licensed and open source automation tools.


Kualitatem test automation tools include:


·      QTP (Licensed)

·      TestComplete (Licensed)

·      IBM Rational Test Manager (Licensed)

·      Selenium (Open Source)


Moreover, before the Kualitatem experts made use of those test automation tools, they took the time to analyze the current testing processes of the software or business to clearly identify the business goals to be achieved after the test automation process is done.


The Kualitatem group of experts also described the proposed test automation strategy to clients, selected the correct tool and developed sample test suits to gain client confidence. After the Kualitatem team and the client had agreed on to the proposed automation plans, the test automation was deployed.


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About Kualitatem


Kualitatem is a primary independent software quality assurance and testing company that provides services across the globe. Kualitatem’s proven expertise in test automation and other testing services inspires their clients to outsource their testing needs to the experienced group of professionals for in depth analysis. Kualitatem has experience and in-depth information of known issues that almost all software development organizations face in their quality assurance processes.

 September 23, 2010 – USA – Kualitatem – a leading software testing company providing professional testing services all over the world through their highly skilled and award winning team of professionals, has offered performance testing services for software developing companies.


“Kualitatem performs Qualitative and Quantitative testing to verify the Performance of the software application,” said Kualitatem. With their performance testing services, companies are provided with a complete analysis report of the effectiveness of their software application.


The testing process checks software on quantitative and qualitative performance.


Quantitatively, the software application is checked on the duration of its response time when input is provided to the software application by the performance testing staff. Qualitatively, the software application is tested for various factors like interoperability, reliability and scalability. The performance testing service provided by Kualitatem checks the software for various testing parameters andthroughput and transfer rate.


To ensure accurate and fast results, Kualitatem uses various performance testing such asthe J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT. Aside from these tools, Kualitatem also uses various performance testing methods to determine the performance of their software application.


These performance testing methods are endurance testing, stress testing, recoverability testing, spike testing, and performance tuning. By applying a constant workload on the software application, Kualitatem can check the component limitations of the application and record the effects of the load according as seen on its behavior.


Stress testing allows the software testing company to check the stability of the application. Different load levels are applied to the software until the point of failure is reached. This data can be used to improve the software. Recoverability testing is another performance testing method that checks the self recovering capability of the software once it has reached the point of failure.


Spike testing examines the software under real world scenarios. Lastly, performance tuning is used to check and improve the scalability of the software application.  At the end of the performance testing services, an accurate report on the performance of the software along with suggestions on how to improve the application is provided to the company.


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September 23, 2010 – USA – Kualitatem – an independent software testing company lead by an award winning team of highly skilled professionals, has offered up to 50 hours of free trial testing for software developing companies and businesses.


With the free offer, the performance testing needs of software developing businesses can be addressed.


"Kualitatem's sharp focus on Testing is meant to improve your delivery capability", said Kualitatem.


As a software testing company, Kualitatem continually strives to provide testing solutions to help businesses improve their software development platforms.


To avail ofthe special offer from the software testing company, businesses only need to fill in the online request form for the free trial testing service on the Kualitatem website. On the form, they will need to provide details about the application that will be tested. This information is important since it will help their performance testing staff provide better testing services for the business.


Companies can also specify details on application testing. By providing this information, Kualitatem can determine what type of testing services and test management tools they will need to perform the free testing service.


Through their free testing service, they can check the software to find out if it performs its objectives. The companies can also check to make sure that it does not do what it is not intended to do.


As a professional software testing company, Kualitatem offers a wide variety of testing services. Depending on the testing needs of the business, Kualitatem can provide them with these services. Some of their services that they can provide to businesses are test process management, test environment management, consulting services, performance testing, and other testing services.


In providing their services, Kualitatem uses numerous test management tools along with their flexible engagement model. This is to ensure that an in depth analysis of their software will be provided for their testing needs.


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Just like how hardware components of computers undergo evaluation to guarantee its high quality before they are sold to the market, software applications also undergo quality examination. The performance of the software is checked in order to ensure that it works properly. Its quality is also checked to ensure user satisfaction. So if you manage a software development company, you can ensure the quality of the software you produce to your clients by getting testing services from a software testing company.


Software performance testing can help you effectively check whether your software does what it is expected to do. You will also be able to determine the limitations and bugs that the current software development process of your company may have. Aside from testing its performance, a software testing company can also offer other testing services with the right tools to support them in the testing process.


Kualitatem is an example of a software testing company that can help you with your testing needs. They provide a wide range of testing services suitable for providing solutions of known challenges that most software development companies face. Depending on your needs, you can get one or more of their testing solutions to improve the quality of your software applications. One of them is their test management services.


Their test management services are divided into two. Test process management is one of them. The other one is test environment management. For the first test management service, it involves test planning, test case development, execution, bug reporting, and documentation. The second test management service involves operating systems, browsers, hardware, software, and networks.


With the software testing company, you can expect reliable results from their testing services. The testing lifecycle of your software development company will be tested using numerous test management tools. One example of the tools that they use is the Test Director.


So enjoy the advantage of getting software testing for your company. Get testing services from a reliable software testing company like Kualitatem. Find out more about their testing services at


September 21, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem the leading professional software testing company offered independent quality assurance test automation services aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business software application testing activities.

Kualitatem has always given cost-effective quality assurance and test automation needs.

Most clients clearly lacked the goals needed to achieve success such as absence of a dedicated test environment and tools, lack of re-usable processes, higher operating cost, tight deadlines and internal pressure as well as a lack of specialized resources in the QA department.

Kualitatem has developed a test automation methodology that has helped save time and cost while achieving other benefits:

Evaluate Testing Process – Analyzed the current test automation process of the software.

Define Requirements – Entailed improving test coverage, reducing manual effort, and increasing reliability of the test process.

Proof of Concept – Defined the strategy, selected the appropriate tool and developed sample test suits to gain client confidence.

Automation Design – To create an automation design, Kualitatem has developed test automation scripts in this stage of quality assurance to check the functionality of the software system. 

Automation Deployment – The most important step forsuccessful implementation of test automation. This was usually done by using software tools and test scripts to build a solid foundation for deployment and administration of software application.

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About Kualitatem

As a strategic Software Quality Assurance and Test Management center, Kualitatem is a market leader when it comes to displaying the extent of their value chain. It is also a leading provider of third party independent Software Quality Assurance Test Automation Services with a global outreach. Over time, they have inspired several software development teams to outsource software testing and assurance tasks to their pool of experienced professionals.
September 21, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem offered comprehensive examination and testing on the performance issues of software products through application ofthorough performance testing as well as test automation.

Kualitatem, the leading software testing outsourcing company and experts in executing test management procedures, have comprehensive performance testing services that have fixed numerous performance issues with any specific software products.

To be able to identify performance issues of the product, Kualitatem conducted performance testing by using various test automation tools such as the J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT (Web Application Performance Testing tool).

By using these test automation tools, Kualitatem was able to create a complete compilation of performance testing analysis reports highlighting performance issues and recommendations as per analysis.

Moreover, various types of performance testing parameters were used to determine the routine of an application, whether it can manage constant workloads or not.

These performance testing parameters include:

Stress or Load Testing, performed to identify the stability of an application under certain levels of load. The performance test has attempted to stress the application to the point of failure which revealed all the weak points in the application.

Recoverability Testing and behavior of application was checked beyond its point of failure. As soon as the application was determined to be self recoverable, Kualitatem then applied some contingency plans to counteract on the performance problem.

Endurance or Longevity Testing monitors the application behavior on a constant, moderate workload for a long period of time which has identified bottlenecks and component limitations.

Performance Tuning and modifications are made to the system to make it ready for managing higher load.

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