September 21, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem offered comprehensive examination and testing on the performance issues of software products through application ofthorough performance testing as well as test automation.

Kualitatem, the leading software testing outsourcing company and experts in executing test management procedures, have comprehensive performance testing services that have fixed numerous performance issues with any specific software products.

To be able to identify performance issues of the product, Kualitatem conducted performance testing by using various test automation tools such as the J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT (Web Application Performance Testing tool).

By using these test automation tools, Kualitatem was able to create a complete compilation of performance testing analysis reports highlighting performance issues and recommendations as per analysis.

Moreover, various types of performance testing parameters were used to determine the routine of an application, whether it can manage constant workloads or not.

These performance testing parameters include:

Stress or Load Testing, performed to identify the stability of an application under certain levels of load. The performance test has attempted to stress the application to the point of failure which revealed all the weak points in the application.

Recoverability Testing and behavior of application was checked beyond its point of failure. As soon as the application was determined to be self recoverable, Kualitatem then applied some contingency plans to counteract on the performance problem.

Endurance or Longevity Testing monitors the application behavior on a constant, moderate workload for a long period of time which has identified bottlenecks and component limitations.

Performance Tuning and modifications are made to the system to make it ready for managing higher load.

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