September 23, 2010 – USA – Kualitatem – an independent software testing company lead by an award winning team of highly skilled professionals, has offered up to 50 hours of free trial testing for software developing companies and businesses.


With the free offer, the performance testing needs of software developing businesses can be addressed.


"Kualitatem's sharp focus on Testing is meant to improve your delivery capability", said Kualitatem.


As a software testing company, Kualitatem continually strives to provide testing solutions to help businesses improve their software development platforms.


To avail ofthe special offer from the software testing company, businesses only need to fill in the online request form for the free trial testing service on the Kualitatem website. On the form, they will need to provide details about the application that will be tested. This information is important since it will help their performance testing staff provide better testing services for the business.


Companies can also specify details on application testing. By providing this information, Kualitatem can determine what type of testing services and test management tools they will need to perform the free testing service.


Through their free testing service, they can check the software to find out if it performs its objectives. The companies can also check to make sure that it does not do what it is not intended to do.


As a professional software testing company, Kualitatem offers a wide variety of testing services. Depending on the testing needs of the business, Kualitatem can provide them with these services. Some of their services that they can provide to businesses are test process management, test environment management, consulting services, performance testing, and other testing services.


In providing their services, Kualitatem uses numerous test management tools along with their flexible engagement model. This is to ensure that an in depth analysis of their software will be provided for their testing needs.


For inquiries about their special offer, please call Kualitatem on their USA hotline at +1 - 408 933 8830. To request for free trial testing today, just visit

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