September 21, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem the leading professional software testing company offered independent quality assurance test automation services aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business software application testing activities.

Kualitatem has always given cost-effective quality assurance and test automation needs.

Most clients clearly lacked the goals needed to achieve success such as absence of a dedicated test environment and tools, lack of re-usable processes, higher operating cost, tight deadlines and internal pressure as well as a lack of specialized resources in the QA department.

Kualitatem has developed a test automation methodology that has helped save time and cost while achieving other benefits:

Evaluate Testing Process – Analyzed the current test automation process of the software.

Define Requirements – Entailed improving test coverage, reducing manual effort, and increasing reliability of the test process.

Proof of Concept – Defined the strategy, selected the appropriate tool and developed sample test suits to gain client confidence.

Automation Design – To create an automation design, Kualitatem has developed test automation scripts in this stage of quality assurance to check the functionality of the software system. 

Automation Deployment – The most important step forsuccessful implementation of test automation. This was usually done by using software tools and test scripts to build a solid foundation for deployment and administration of software application.

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About Kualitatem

As a strategic Software Quality Assurance and Test Management center, Kualitatem is a market leader when it comes to displaying the extent of their value chain. It is also a leading provider of third party independent Software Quality Assurance Test Automation Services with a global outreach. Over time, they have inspired several software development teams to outsource software testing and assurance tasks to their pool of experienced professionals.

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