September 23, 2010 – USA – Kualitatem – a leading software testing company providing professional testing services all over the world through their highly skilled and award winning team of professionals, has offered performance testing services for software developing companies.


“Kualitatem performs Qualitative and Quantitative testing to verify the Performance of the software application,” said Kualitatem. With their performance testing services, companies are provided with a complete analysis report of the effectiveness of their software application.


The testing process checks software on quantitative and qualitative performance.


Quantitatively, the software application is checked on the duration of its response time when input is provided to the software application by the performance testing staff. Qualitatively, the software application is tested for various factors like interoperability, reliability and scalability. The performance testing service provided by Kualitatem checks the software for various testing parameters andthroughput and transfer rate.


To ensure accurate and fast results, Kualitatem uses various performance testing such asthe J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT. Aside from these tools, Kualitatem also uses various performance testing methods to determine the performance of their software application.


These performance testing methods are endurance testing, stress testing, recoverability testing, spike testing, and performance tuning. By applying a constant workload on the software application, Kualitatem can check the component limitations of the application and record the effects of the load according as seen on its behavior.


Stress testing allows the software testing company to check the stability of the application. Different load levels are applied to the software until the point of failure is reached. This data can be used to improve the software. Recoverability testing is another performance testing method that checks the self recovering capability of the software once it has reached the point of failure.


Spike testing examines the software under real world scenarios. Lastly, performance tuning is used to check and improve the scalability of the software application.  At the end of the performance testing services, an accurate report on the performance of the software along with suggestions on how to improve the application is provided to the company.


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