October 29, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem – provided various test automation services in support of quality assurance processes to fully eliminate performance issues and enhance the functions of software.

Kualitatem, the leading Independent Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation Company, has an award winning performance testing team who has the experience and in-depth knowledge of known problems and dilemmas that nearly all software development agencies face in their QA processes.

Kualitatem provided solutions that were able to eradicate performance problems with the utmost level of expertise as well as flexibly integrate into client’s environment where they were able to provide a complete, independent and unbiased measure of quality.

These complete, independent and unbiased measures of quality have been present within the different performance testing scenarios which include:

Test Planning – documentation of the detailed systematic approach to performance testing a specific system or software. The performance test procedure usually contained a detailed understanding of what the eventual progress will be.

Application Testing – done in testing web application through the use of a web application performance test tool known as the WAPT, used to conduct a series of test in determining the compatibility of the browser, operating system as well as the windows application.

Unit Testing – method of test automation able to determine which units of the source code are fit for use. Unit performance testing made sure that codes met its design and behaved as intended.

Regression Testing – to provide a general assurance that no additional errors were introduced in the process of fixing other problems.

To know more about Kualitatem’s test automation services, visit http://www.kualitatem.com/

About Kualitatem

Kualitatem has partnered with other global companies in delivering quality performance testing resources in various business sectors. They developed an excellent relationship during large scale test management projects where Kualitatem helped in successful completion of the project as well as total client satisfaction. Their exposure and experience of handling different phases of software testing lifecycles tremendously helped develop and execute processes that improved businesses delivery capability in software testing.


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