September 23, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem the lead provider of quality assurance and software performance testing surpassed manual testing activities from other testing companies by offering true software test automation services.


Kualitatem's test automation services include script writing, script execution as well as script maintenance. All these are geared towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their client's testing activities.


“Where manual testing stops, our team augments through automation testing. Our experience of multiple environments and tools helps to automate the tests while setting up test preconditions and evaluating actual outcomes to predicted outcomes in controlled environment,” says Kualitatem.


Kualitatem’s numerous test automation tools and services also supported companies that needed reliable QA processes and eliminated possible human errors. Moreover, using Kualitatem’s test automation has the following advantages to offer:

High-Speed. Unlike manual testing that consumed a lot of time in both the process of software development as well as during the software application testing, the use of Kualitatem’s test automation tools is a faster alternative.

Reusability. The reusability of the test automation scripts allows the user to reuse the test on different versions of an application even if the user interface has changed.

Reliability. Test automation scripts execution has eliminated the possibility of human error when the same sequence of actions has been frequently repeated. Through test automation, even if the same test automation scripts have been frequently run in repeated manners it has still been able to detect anddetermine defects.

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About Kualitatem


Kualitatem is a leading independent Software Quality Assurance and Testing company that offers its services all around the world. They provide solutions such as Test Process Management (e.g. Test Planning), Test Environment Management (for Operating systems and browsers), Testing services (regression and functional), as well as specialized and consulting services. These automated testing services eradicated client software problems that manual testing could never handle.


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