There are a lot of reasons why almost all software developing companies provide software testing on their software products. Whether they get testing services from a software testing company or provide it for themselves, software developing companies mainly use it to help ensure “bug-free” high quality software products. Software testing can involve different areas of testing and one of them is performance testing.

With the increasing complexity of modern software, software testing is now being done based on various purposes and is usually provided by a software testing company such as Kualitatem.

Companies are offered with the test process management, test environment management, testing, consulting and other specialized services for performance testing.

For performance testing, it measures the effectiveness of the software through various parameters. Quantitatively, the response time of the software is measured, while qualitatively, the reliability, scalability, and interoperability of the software is checked through performance testing.

Some of the tests used by Kualitatem for performance testing:

1. Stress Testing

This performance testing method is primarily used to measure the stability of a software application when it is loaded. Also called load testing, this method helps the company discover the weak points of their software application.

2. Recoverability Testing

Like the previous method, this performance testing method also uses loading. However, the software applications is tested on whether it can self recover and restore its functions once the applications has “crashed” or gone beyond its capacity.

3. Endurance Testing

Also called longevity training, the method is used by a software testing company to determine the reliability of a software application and identify its behavior as a constant load is applied to the application for a long time.

4.  Performance Tuning

Used to determine and improve the scalability or the ability of a software application to manage higher loads, performance tuning will involve modifying the software.

To develop high quality products that are “bug-free”, get software testing services such as performance testing from professional software testing companies such as Kualitatem.

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If you own a gadget like a Playstation Portable (PSP), have you ever thought about what makes the gadget stand long hours of usage? Think that a PSP has a lot of uses such as playing games, storing images, music and movie files, listen to music or even watching a movie on the miniature screen. It is really amazing that such a small gadget can handle much workload. That is because it underwent a series of performance testing before it was released into the market.

Every product has to undergo a sequence of performance testing. Without the performance testing, the capacity of a product to function under stress as well as its behavior on a constant workload cannot be determined. Performance testing, therefore, measures the effectiveness of a certain product by checking its reliability, scalability, and interoperability.

Kualitatem Testing Outsourcing Company takes pride in offering high-grade performance testing services to software companies worldwide. They conduct performance testing using test automation tools such as the J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT. These tools are used to diagnose what parts of a software contributes most to the poor performance or to establish output and entry levels for maintained satisfactory response time.

Later on, a complete performance testing analysis report is compiled highlighting the performance issues and recommendations as per analysis. Various types of performance testing parameters are used to determine the routine of an application. These performance testing parameters consists of:

Stress or Load Testing – performed to identify the stability of an application under certain levels of load. During this test Kualitatem attempts to stress the application to the point of failure. This reveals all the weak points in the application.

Recoverability Testing – checks if the application is self recoverable or not .Then behavior of application is checked beyond its point of failure. And if the application is self recoverable it is then catered for any contingency plans.

Endurance or Longevity Testing – monitors the application behavior on a constant, moderate workload for a long period of time which pinpoints bottlenecks and component limitations.

Performance Tuning – modifications are made to the system to make it ready for managing higher load.

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If you are the manager of a software developing company, you would know that the software test management phase is one of the most important stages of the software development process. In order to improve the quality and productivity of your company, you have to implement an efficient software testing process to ensure the functionality and quality of the software projects. With the services of a software testing company, you can ensure brand credibility and high quality control standards for your company.

As a testing outsourcing company, Kualitatem can provide your company with seamless solutions for your company’s software testing and QA processes. With their test process management services, you can expect the greatest degree of professionalism from their test management team.

The test management process hasvarious steps in providing software checks and review documentation for your software development process. Based on the requirements of the client, the testing process will be done in various testing scenarios. Some of the steps for the test management service provided by Kualitatem will include:

1. Process definition, test planning, and test scenario and test case development

During these stages of the test management process service, the requirements and specifications on what will be tested will be defined, the method on how the testing process will be chosen, and the different scenarios and specific conditions for the whole test management process will be specified.

2. Application, unit, functional, regression, integration, and user acceptance testing

Encompassing the most visible part of the test management process activity, these testing activities would include checking the software development process to gather test results based on the specific scenario being tested.

3. Live bug status reporting, traceability matrix generation, code reviews, and test process reporting

Once the tests for the test management process activity is completed, the test results would then be gathered, analyzed and presented in a report detailing all the results of the tests and the overall quality of the software development process.

To ensure that your software does what it is supposed to do, get test management solutions from professional software testing companies such as Kualitatem.

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One of the main concerns that most software development companies face is the quality assurance (QA) process. The quality of the product is mostly checked and improved through thorough software testing. For companies in need of a flexible and seamless solution for their software testing needs, a testing outsourcing company such as Kualitatem can provide it for them.

1. Efficient and cost-effective quality solutions

To reduce costs on software testing process, companies can get them through a professional software testing company. With Kualitatem working to provide support for QA and testing processes, companies can save costs and focus more on their core business.

Kualitatem has in-depth knowledge and experience in providing solutions for software bugs that most software development companies have in their software products. The testing outsourcing company will provide the right solution to resolve their problems with their various services.

2. Expertise in using multiple testing tools

In delivering solutions for testing, test management, and consulting, Kualitatem uses the right tools at every stage of the testing cycle. At Kualitatem, they explore the functions of various licensed and open source tools to discover the right tools to meet their client’s needs.

In delivering test management solutions, Kualitatem uses the test director, test link, and zephyr tool. To improve the efficiency of the client’s testing activities, Kualitatem uses the QTP, Selenium, Jira and Mantis tool in providing test automation.

3. Experience in various industries

Through their highly experienced team of professionals, Kualitatem provides quality services to various clients across the globe. With Kualitatem as their software testing company, clients can expect the best support for their quality assurance and testing processes.

Kualitatem testing outsourcing company has experts who have experience in various industries likeenterprise web solutions, digital media, networking and hardware, mobile and Smartphone, video games, and more.

So for companies in need of efficient solutions for their software testing and quality assurance needs, outsource them at a professional testing outsourcing company that prioritizes quality before anything else. Read more about Kualitatem at


Performance tuning is defined as the improvement of system performance. It is a part of test management procedure in which modifications are made to the system to make it ready to manage a higher load routine.

Kualitatem, an expert software testing company that extends its performance testing services globally, executes thorough test automation procedures to the scalability of the system.

This kind of test automation falls under one of the performance testing procedures known as performance tuning.

Kualitatem’s performance tuning adapts the same measure-evaluate-improve-learn cycle from quality assurance. It has similar systematic monitoring and evaluation guidelines like that of quality assurance which tries to identify various aspects of the projects. These guidelines include:

  • Assessing the problem
  • Identifying part of the system that is critical for improving performance
  • Modifying part of the system to remove any bottlenecks
  • Measuring the performance of the system after modification

    To sum it up, it is always constant to identify what causes the performance problem whether caused by slow or complete failures response. These scenarios typically happen if there is an increase in system load. And the result of some part of the system reaching a limit on its ability to respond is referred to as a bottleneck.
To resolve bottlenecks, test automation is performed specifically and performance tuning techniques applied to improve the performance.

Such techniques include:

  1.  Implementing  an algorithm for a performing task
  2. removing performance bottlenecks that result to slow access to data
  3. arranging systems evenly to improve overall performance
  4. optimizing its own internal running parameters to maximize or minimize the fulfillment of an objective function
This part of the test automation procedure therefore enables the system to handle a higher load routine and enhances the performance of the system.

Performance tuning is just one test management procedures that help determine the overall function of the application. Other performance testing processes are also necessary to completely identify the product’s performance level.

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Test automation is the process which involves the application of software tools in managing the implementation of tests, the evaluation of the existing result and the prediction of future results, the creation of test prerequisites and establishment of performance testing results.

Generally, test automation involves the use of strategies and tools to enhance or lessen the need for manual involvement in unskilled, recurring or unnecessary tasks that consumes too much time and uses more effort in testing the efficiency and effectiveness of software.

There are many test automation service provider in the net today. And presently, Kualitatem, an expert testing outsourcing company is the most preferred software testing company.

Kualitatem offers independent test automation services aimed towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business software application testing activities.

They provide test automation services that are cost effective and offer benefits such as:

  • Reliable test automation procedures: executes accurately the same operations whenever they are run, thus eradicating errors.
  • Repeatable: Since test automation can be performed repeatedly, the behavior of the software can be determined how it responds in constant and moderate running of the same operations.
  • Comprehensive: Test automation can construct a set of performance testing that extends in each aspect of application.
  • Reusable: Test automation means reusability. Performance testing procedures can be reused to test diverse versions of an application even if there are changes on the user interface.
  • Better Quality Software: Running more tests in less time with fewer resources.
  • Fast: Test Automation software tools carry out performance testing much quicker than human users.
  • Cost Reduction: Resources for testing the regression of the software are reduced, which implies saving money.
It is pretty clear test automation has a lot of benefits to offer to companies. Its importance is that it guarantees a 100% error-free software application. It determines the cause of problem of the software’s performance and provides the solution to enhance the performance of the application.Software application products that underwent Kualitatem’s test automation services are thus, proven to be more reliable and better.

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