There are a lot of reasons why almost all software developing companies provide software testing on their software products. Whether they get testing services from a software testing company or provide it for themselves, software developing companies mainly use it to help ensure “bug-free” high quality software products. Software testing can involve different areas of testing and one of them is performance testing.

With the increasing complexity of modern software, software testing is now being done based on various purposes and is usually provided by a software testing company such as Kualitatem.

Companies are offered with the test process management, test environment management, testing, consulting and other specialized services for performance testing.

For performance testing, it measures the effectiveness of the software through various parameters. Quantitatively, the response time of the software is measured, while qualitatively, the reliability, scalability, and interoperability of the software is checked through performance testing.

Some of the tests used by Kualitatem for performance testing:

1. Stress Testing

This performance testing method is primarily used to measure the stability of a software application when it is loaded. Also called load testing, this method helps the company discover the weak points of their software application.

2. Recoverability Testing

Like the previous method, this performance testing method also uses loading. However, the software applications is tested on whether it can self recover and restore its functions once the applications has “crashed” or gone beyond its capacity.

3. Endurance Testing

Also called longevity training, the method is used by a software testing company to determine the reliability of a software application and identify its behavior as a constant load is applied to the application for a long time.

4.  Performance Tuning

Used to determine and improve the scalability or the ability of a software application to manage higher loads, performance tuning will involve modifying the software.

To develop high quality products that are “bug-free”, get software testing services such as performance testing from professional software testing companies such as Kualitatem.

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