Progressively, more companies have realized the importance of having high-quality software. However, for companies whose business is not focused on information technology or IT substances, hiring and providing training to new software performance testing employees is very costly and time-consuming.

To save cost and time, it would be more efficient and effective for businesses to outsource a reliable independent software testing company that is a proven expert in giving high quality software performance testing services.

Presently, Kualitatem, the leading quality assurance testing company can give your business not only excellent software performance testing, it can also provide accurate measurements on the effectiveness of your business computers and networks.

At Kualitatem, you can be assured of reliable performance testing results because their experts always go for unbiased findings and solutions to your business software imperfections.

The software performance testing at Kualitatem is performed by using different tools like J Meter, Load Runner, Astra Load and WAPT.

At Kualitatem, although there are various types of testing constraints used to determine the performance of a software application, all performance testing results are analyzed on the basis of "Response Time", "Throughput", and "Transfer Rate."

On the whole, outsourcing your business needs of quality software performance testing at Kualitatem will:

  • Measure the performance of your business software before adjustments
  • Identify the part of the software that is critical for improving its performance
  • Modify that part of the software to remove the bottleneck
    • ·         Measure the performance of the software after modification
    • ·         Provide comprehensive performance analysis report that highlights the software performance issues and recommendations of your business software.

Furthermore, aside from the cost and time saving features you can get from outsourcing Kualitatem testing services, your business can also benefit from Kualitatem on-time testing services that makes you avoid delays on your business operations.

To avoid business delays, and to save overhead business cost, get your business software tested by a trusted independent software testing company. Call +1 - 408 933 8830 or visit
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