Performance tuning is defined as the improvement of system performance. It is a part of test management procedure in which modifications are made to the system to make it ready to manage a higher load routine.

Kualitatem, an expert software testing company that extends its performance testing services globally, executes thorough test automation procedures to the scalability of the system.

This kind of test automation falls under one of the performance testing procedures known as performance tuning.

Kualitatem’s performance tuning adapts the same measure-evaluate-improve-learn cycle from quality assurance. It has similar systematic monitoring and evaluation guidelines like that of quality assurance which tries to identify various aspects of the projects. These guidelines include:

  • Assessing the problem
  • Identifying part of the system that is critical for improving performance
  • Modifying part of the system to remove any bottlenecks
  • Measuring the performance of the system after modification

    To sum it up, it is always constant to identify what causes the performance problem whether caused by slow or complete failures response. These scenarios typically happen if there is an increase in system load. And the result of some part of the system reaching a limit on its ability to respond is referred to as a bottleneck.
To resolve bottlenecks, test automation is performed specifically and performance tuning techniques applied to improve the performance.

Such techniques include:

  1.  Implementing  an algorithm for a performing task
  2. removing performance bottlenecks that result to slow access to data
  3. arranging systems evenly to improve overall performance
  4. optimizing its own internal running parameters to maximize or minimize the fulfillment of an objective function
This part of the test automation procedure therefore enables the system to handle a higher load routine and enhances the performance of the system.

Performance tuning is just one test management procedures that help determine the overall function of the application. Other performance testing processes are also necessary to completely identify the product’s performance level.

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