Test automation is the process which involves the application of software tools in managing the implementation of tests, the evaluation of the existing result and the prediction of future results, the creation of test prerequisites and establishment of performance testing results.

Generally, test automation involves the use of strategies and tools to enhance or lessen the need for manual involvement in unskilled, recurring or unnecessary tasks that consumes too much time and uses more effort in testing the efficiency and effectiveness of software.

There are many test automation service provider in the net today. And presently, Kualitatem, an expert testing outsourcing company is the most preferred software testing company.

Kualitatem offers independent test automation services aimed towards improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business software application testing activities.

They provide test automation services that are cost effective and offer benefits such as:

  • Reliable test automation procedures: executes accurately the same operations whenever they are run, thus eradicating errors.
  • Repeatable: Since test automation can be performed repeatedly, the behavior of the software can be determined how it responds in constant and moderate running of the same operations.
  • Comprehensive: Test automation can construct a set of performance testing that extends in each aspect of application.
  • Reusable: Test automation means reusability. Performance testing procedures can be reused to test diverse versions of an application even if there are changes on the user interface.
  • Better Quality Software: Running more tests in less time with fewer resources.
  • Fast: Test Automation software tools carry out performance testing much quicker than human users.
  • Cost Reduction: Resources for testing the regression of the software are reduced, which implies saving money.
It is pretty clear test automation has a lot of benefits to offer to companies. Its importance is that it guarantees a 100% error-free software application. It determines the cause of problem of the software’s performance and provides the solution to enhance the performance of the application.Software application products that underwent Kualitatem’s test automation services are thus, proven to be more reliable and better.

For more details on test automation, call +1-408 933 8830 or visit http://www.kualitatem.com/


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