August 17, 2010 – New York, USA – Kualitatem – a professional software testing company that aims to continually provide standardized and efficient technical software testing and quality assurance support to clients, offered innovative solutions for the software testing process with their test management services.

As a testing outsourcing company, Kualitatem uses a flexible engagement model and multiple testing tools to provide clients with effective solutions for their quality assurance (QA) processes. Some of these tools include the Test Director, Test Link, and the Zephyr.

For the test process management, Kualitatem offered the test management service to provide clients with a quality solution to improve their software system development process. The award winning team from Kualitatem would check the current system from the requirements gathering stage to the deployment of the software, then gave an accurate report on the quality of the system after completing the test management service.

In implementing the test process management service, Kualitatem would use different testing scenarios based on the requirements provided by the client. The test management service would include various parts such as the process definition, test planning, test scenario and test case development, execution, and debugging until the test process reporting.

Kualitatem then offered the test environment management service. Unlike the other services, the test management service is more involved in operating systems, browsers, hardware, software, and networks and tools.

Kualitatem also offers clients their innovative quality management system (QMS) to enable clients to save time and get quick responses on the QA work of the test management service. With the system, clients could communicate with the Kualitatem team in real time and save 40-60% of their time on test planning, bug logging and regression.

With the greatest degree of professionalism and quality, Kualitatem has provided effective solutions to improve their client’s delivery capability. To learn more about Kualitatem’s test management services, please visit

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